Saturday, August 18, 2007

ENCUENTRO Info & Registration

What is Encuentro?

The event has one main goal:
To empower young minds with the tools needed for making good
choices and appropriate decisions when faced with adverse situations or unexpected challenges, both during their collegiate years and in the future. This reunion will allow students to meet and interact with students from other schools. Some of the workshops will allow students to actively participate in open discussions with others by sharing past experiences associated with being part of an organization. This flux of ideas will provide us all with opportunities to learn from other individuals and implement these ideas into future leadership positions. Juntos somos una famila and we should be working together to help improve our students, campus, and communities, by taking pride in our cultura and promoting it fully in a positive manner. Also, it is important to note that all students are invited to this event regardless of their affiliation with a specific organization (or any organization). It is open to everyone who is interested in participating.

Registration for the 1st Annual Midwest H.A.L.O. Encuentro is now available on-line.
Please visit for more detailed event information.